Weston Choral - Greetings to all and hope you're enjoying a great summer

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Posted By: Maria Redman
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Date Posted: Thu, 28 Jul 2022
Dear singers

The great news is that we start reherasals again at 7.30pm on October 4th at All Saints' - we're guaranteed some really wonderful singing experiences this coming term so please do come along, join or re-join Weston Choral and get your friends to join as well! If anyone has difficulty getting to All Saints' we will try to set up car shares to make things easier and ensure everyone can come along to enjoy the singing. Use the contact form to send us a message if you need a lift...

Our next concert will take place on January 28th 2023, but please also note that the date previously given for our December 2023 concert has changed and is now booked for 9th December 2023.


Here is a message from Howard about the pieces we will be rehearsing in the coming term for performance in January 2023....


"For our January 2023 concert we are tackling two very contrasting pieces. The first is a beautiful Requiem by the French composer Durufle. For the  style of music think ‘Faure with sophisticated extras’. The themes of the Requiem are based on chants and will fit really well with the acoustics in All Saints’ Church. It  will sound ethereal and heavenly!

The second group of pieces is a brand new work by Bob Chilcott: Songs my heart has taught me. It’s a set of four contrasting songs in various styles, one of which is musical theatre. There is tranquil beauty and high energy contrasted in this set.

The whole calendar timing and time of day of this concert is new for Weston Choral. We decided, for 2022, to dispense with a traditional Christmas concert (that will be back for December 9th 2023!) and place the concert at the end of January 2023 when the Christmas and New Year rush is over! Again, to ring the changes the concert will be in mid-afternoon and will be finalised with a ‘tea and cakes’ session at the end!"


We already have some new singers signed up to join us on October 4th and it would be a great opportunity to welcome back singers who had to drop out during the pandemic or for other reasons.

It’s great to keep reading and hearing about how good singing is for everyone: physical and mental health flourish when we sing. Of course, we knew that already before the scientific studies confirmed it all! So come and be part of the growing movement and join in the revolution!

First rehearsal Tuesday October 4th at All Saints’ Church, All Saints’ Road, WSM. 7.30-9.30pm"

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