Weston Choral May 7th 2022 concert success

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Posted By: Maria Redman
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Date Posted: Mon, 28 Feb 2022

Dear Singers

We all know that the rehearsals for our May Concert have been something really special. The work is intense, the music incredible and so diverse.... there must be something in there to touch the heart of absolutely everyone.... and that being the case, why not get absolutely everyone you know to come along! We do seriously need to make a huge success of this and with your hard work we can do just that.

Tickets for what promises to be an absolutely stunning musical journey are now available - you can book online and get your tickets by email or alternatively use the attached booking form to order your tickets - hand your completed form to Helen at rehearsal and we will either email or hand your tickets to you (tick your preference on the form). Bring all your family and friends! They may want to join us when they see how good this is!

Let’s really get behind Weston Choral and sell the concert out - there are only 150 tickets available (well 148 now as I've got mine!) - that's less than 3 tickets each... not counting the school choir's family and friends! Get your order in early.....

Please also share the attached poster I will send out separately with your connections.

How to book

To book by credit card / debit card online click the link below:


To pay by cheque or bank transfer members can download the attached form and hand it to Helen at rehearsal. Your tickets will then be emailed or brought to a later rehearsal according to your choice. If you have a question about the booking process please ask Helen or myself any Tuesday at rehearsal.

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On behalf of Weston Choral committee

Booking form